John Boy


John Boy Walton is 61 years old today.
John Boy was born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia to proud parents Stanley Laurel and Olivia Hardy. Most of his early years was spent working on a farm and saying goodnight to his family.
After graduating university and writing several books about Waltons Mountain he sank into relative obscurity.




Fifty one years ago today, Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space, saying those famous words “Okazyvaietsya, ona golubaya”. Thats, “It is confirmed, she is blue” for any non Russian speaking people.
The first animals in space were volunteer fruit flies, that were specialy trained in the Florida Fly Gymnasium (FFG). Their first words were “Buzzz zz z zzz Buzzz” which roughly translated means “These radiation levels are unbearable”.
Today is celebrated as a public holiday in Russia and other former USSR countries.

Strange Rulers


I was reading through wikipedia and I found some really odd sounding people.
“Louis the Stammerer” (King of Western Francia) died on this day in 879. He was the eldest son of “Charles the Bald”. He had a son called “Charles the Simple”. He gave some of his countries away to “Wilfred the Hairy”.
A few other odd sounding people from the past include “William the Bastard”, “Harald Bluetooth”, “Walafrid the Squinter”, “Charles the Fat”, “King Baldwin the Leper”,”Michael the Drunkard” and “Ivaylo the Cabbage”.
What a bunch of loonies.

Christopher Lambert

ImageToday is the 55th birthday of Christopher Lambert.
Although he has an American sounding name records show that he is the son of a French diplomat and grew up in Geneva (A city in Switzerland).
At the age of 27 he went to work as a missionary in deepest Africa where the local people called him Tarzan King of the Apes, due to his rope swinging abilities. He fled the country after almost being eaten by canibals, dressed as an English gent by the name of Lord Greystoke.
He moved to Scotland where he became a highlander often meeting with his old friend Sean Connery for tea and decapitizing.
Christopher is now considered one of the leading experts in decapatizing and keeps an 11 foot sword of destiny in his shed.

Jules Verne


The famous author, Jules Verne, died on this day in 1905. But what many people have never known is that he was the worlds first Time Traveler.
Jules was actually born in Paris in 1976, and his teenage years were spent reading books about submarines, space travel and hot air balloons. He wrote several books on these subjects but they were rejected by publishers because they were too outdated.
He became bitter and twisted due to the rejections and moved to England where he became friends with Herbert George Wells (a mad inventor). Together they began experimenting with an old armchair and a satellite dish hoping to build the worlds first radio controlled mobility scooter. The pair accidentally used AA batteries instead of AAA batteries and were instantly transported back in time where the became world famous authors.
The rest is history.


Crap co-incidences.

Today on March the 14th I decided to look for some crap co-incidences. Here are my findings.

Michael Caine
On this day in 1933, Michael Caine was born. He stared in a film called Educating Rita.
Another Rita, Rita Tushingham was born on this day in 1942. She appeared in one episode of armchair theatre in 1973. Bill Owen another actor appeared in one episode of armchair theatre in 1964. he was born this day in 1914. He was awarded an MBE in 1976.
Another award winner, Albert Einstein, was born this day in 1879. He won the nobel prize for physics in 1921.
A physicist goes missing in “The Ipcress File”, a film starring Michael Caine.