Is there any life in space?



With the exception of the planet earth it is unlikely that there is any other life in our solar system.
The main contender for the prize of “life on planet” is Mars, but after much investigations and orbits, nothing much has been found apart from a few rocks and the possibility of a bit of water.
Other contenders were Venus (pretty hot), Europa, a moon of Jupiter (a planet) which might be a bit cold.
This only leaves us with the rest of the universe in which to carry out our investigations.
Some stars can be seen by the naked eye, but not all. Although they can be seen, they cannot be seen clear enough to distinguish whether there is life there.
Even a large elephant on Proxima Centauri (our nearest star) would not be seen by the naked eye, and even if it could be seen the elephant would probably burn to death on a star.
Let us imagine that we could see life on Proxima Centauri. Then it would be life that existed 4.37 years ago.
So until more is known it is hard to say.


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