The price is right
The price is right

Which one to choose. Its the question on everyones mind.
Which to choose.
Should I go for convienience, cost or choice.
For overall choice it would probably be ASDA. But that awful green uniform. Why the obsesion with green.

For sex appeal it has to be Aldi. Well presented and elegant, with more german food than a spaniard knows what to do with.

Morrisons (That deserves a mention).

Tescos. Lots and lots of Tescos. On every street. Being glamourous just like only Tescos knows how to do.

Travelling 80 miles to the nearest. Waitrose never really appeals. By the time I get back the mushrooms are out of date.

Then there is freshness. Iceland knows what thats all about. Fresh, fresh, fresh from the freezer. A bargain for a bargain hunter.

Ultimately the choice is yours. But dont wait too long or you might get hungry or the price might go up.


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