I was in the attic.

It was a new day. A brand new day. The sun had entered the sky to paint the landscape around the house. My house. I was the house and the house was me. My thoughts were stone and the day brought rebirth.

Boredom took me on an exploration of the attic. Its dust and clutter. Left alone in its stillness. Storage space for forgotten items. Unloved and useless, ugly and depressing, but dont feel sorry for the items – they are just hiding.  

 I discovered a box. It had been discovered many times. In the box was a camera. It was a Finepix A800. 8.3 mega pixels. I did not have a camera to photograph the camera.

We would have adventures.


4 thoughts on “I was in the attic.

  1. I just read in its entirety, this blog.
    I became one with the house.
    I still don’t know why….?!!
    But the sheep said Baah over on the ‘test your avatar’ topic
    So I came as quick as I could.
    I just want to tell you….

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