Tell me the truth


I recieved a rejection letter today to add to the pile of letters which all read exactly the same.

Dear [Add name here]

Thank you for attending the recent interview at our store in [add place name].

Unfortunately due to the high number of applicants whose expreience closely matched our requirements, you have been unsuccessful on this occasion.

Will will however keep your details on our files and inform you if more suitable positions should arise.

May I take this opportunity of wishing you every success for the future and thank you for your interest in the company.

Yours sincerly [Signature]

pp [Someone who couldent care less]


I wish that the would tell the truth. That my details are in a file called dustbin, I didnt get the job cos I was too old with no experience, they dont care if I get a job or not. Then they have the right to put “Yours sincerly” and maybe add a fiver compensation. Then I can drown my sorrows and feel sorry for myself.

Cover Up

I wonder if this woman could put some clothes on.

Its one thing being controversial, and its another thing pushing private parts of your anatomy into the camera in order that the perv watching the video can smell what you had for dinner.

Ok you have a great body. It would suit a nice long dress.

And by the way Happy birthday.

Madonna 54 today.

My exciting life


After several months of waiting we finally have a break in the awful weather. This was a great opportunity to put some weedkiller down. So all this moss and weeds has had its day. I also managed to trim the hedge.

Its hard to believe that life can be this exciting. But it is.

Today I think I will buy a carton of milk and a newspaper.

Babbity Bowsters


Babbity Bowsters in Glasgow is one of my favourite pubs.

It is in a quiet area of the city. It has real ales. It serves good food.

It also has a beer garden – one of the very few in the city centre.

Well worth a visit.

John Boy


John Boy Walton is 61 years old today.
John Boy was born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia to proud parents Stanley Laurel and Olivia Hardy. Most of his early years was spent working on a farm and saying goodnight to his family.
After graduating university and writing several books about Waltons Mountain he sank into relative obscurity.



Fifty one years ago today, Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space, saying those famous words “Okazyvaietsya, ona golubaya”. Thats, “It is confirmed, she is blue” for any non Russian speaking people.
The first animals in space were volunteer fruit flies, that were specialy trained in the Florida Fly Gymnasium (FFG). Their first words were “Buzzz zz z zzz Buzzz” which roughly translated means “These radiation levels are unbearable”.
Today is celebrated as a public holiday in Russia and other former USSR countries.

Strange Rulers


I was reading through wikipedia and I found some really odd sounding people.
“Louis the Stammerer” (King of Western Francia) died on this day in 879. He was the eldest son of “Charles the Bald”. He had a son called “Charles the Simple”. He gave some of his countries away to “Wilfred the Hairy”.
A few other odd sounding people from the past include “William the Bastard”, “Harald Bluetooth”, “Walafrid the Squinter”, “Charles the Fat”, “King Baldwin the Leper”,”Michael the Drunkard” and “Ivaylo the Cabbage”.
What a bunch of loonies.